Shoe Brogue Male: Everything You Need to Hit at the Time to Use and Buy

Who does not enjoy a shoe brogue male? After all, the idea of a footwear classic with details very well done and vintage looks, it is tempting!

Shoe Brogue Male Everything You Need to Hit at the Time to Use and Buy

You may have already wondered if you should buy a shoe like this, or wondered how you could incorporate this type of footwear in your day-to-day. Sure also already looked in the shops and had some doubt at the time of purchase.

So, I’ll help you understand the various types of shoe, brogue, as and when you can use, and also where you will find a quality product, which, believe me, is not very difficult to wear with style!

After all, what is a Brogue?

If you already signed in any store of shoes social male, probably should have come up with a shoe, brogue, even if it has not recognized.

The first thing that you need to know is that he is not only a single type of shoe. The term’broguing’refers to the picotados and perforations along the leather. Soon, its main feature are the holes that adorn the surface of the shoe, as in the photo above.

That is, what characterizes this footwear are the perforations decorative. These, in turn, any shoe or boot in a brogue.

How did the Brogue?

Did you know, that the brogue came about being the opposite of elegance?

No one knows for sure its origin, but we know that he was in the region between Scotland and Ireland, two countries that are highly humid and known for its swamps and wet terrain.

Imagine what life was like in rural these places before modern conveniences? One thing is certain, the feet were always dirty from the mud and clay.

With this difficulty came the idea of the brogue. These holes, which today are decorative, they were real. They served to drain the water that came in the boots.

In addition to the difference between holes and actual decorative, had other functional details that makes the boots different from what we know today, but these don’t come with the case.

How to pass the time, british aristocracy began to join these footwears when they stroll in their country homes, well away from the cities. It is because of this origin, up until today, the brogue still brings a spirit of casual.

In countries that are more traditional, including some types that are not well seen in formal occasions, just being used with tailoring a bit more casual. In the film Kingsman, the agent Harry Hart advises his protégé Eggsy: Oxfords, not brogues.

Types of Shoes Brogue

Well, we have already seen that the brogue can be adapted to almost any shoe, but it can also have several variations. This is what we will see below, the most popular models of brogues, and their distinctions:


Also called wingtip. For who doesn’t know this term, it refers to a piece of leather that is stitched at the tip of the shoe in the shape of a “w” with extensions reaching up to the side. Seen from above, resembles the wings of a bird.


The definition may vary, but the “half/semi brogue” does not have the “wings”, but keeps the perforations at the junctions of the seams and edges of the shoe, which has a cap-toe.


It is a simple design, with holes only around the toe cap, and any other detail in the rest of the shoe.


This is the model most different, because it runs off of the main feature that makes the brogue be a brogue, THE HOLES. It received this name precisely because it is more áustero.


A variation on the full brogue, which is nothing more than when the wingtip that ends in the heel.

Now we will see some other models of Brogue fleeing from variations of conventional Oxford shoes and Derby:


It is a full brogue but your differential is that it is two-tone. Omais, known in black-and-white, or beige and brown also. This model had its heyday in the 20’s.


I need to search for the origin of the name “saddle shoes”. I imagine that is because the difference in color somewhat resembles a horse saddle. Can be a oxford or not, depends on the laces. Notice that this still has the holes brogue leather more clear.

With so many variations it is normal to be confused and not know how and where to use, in reason of this we’ll give you some tips for not making mistakes in time to go out with him.

How To Use Brogue Male?

Because of this historic rural Brogue, it is normal to be confused of how to use this style. After all, he is social or not?

Despite the rise of casual, in Brazil it is seen as elegant and shoes “dandy“. Below, I will help you to take the questions to the two main types of occasions, social and casual:

Brogue Social

The brogue is not for all formal occasions. Depends a lot on context.

If you work in a place where clothes are required, such as in banks and law firms, it can be used but know that they’re going to call attention because few people wear.

So, the versions are more discrete, are indicated in most cases. Some perforations along the toe cap, or a medallion in his beak, are much more secure than a full brogue.

In these moments it is important that the shoe is smooth leather the dark and in single-tone, being the black or dark brown the most ideal.

As for moments, semi-formal, where you opt for a blazer or sport coat and slim pants social, the brogue can very well bridge the gap between the social and more casual.

Although there is controversy about whether or not it should be used in formal events, it goes well with suits yes. The own Prince William used a semi brogue black at the royal wedding of his brother. Want the greatest reference of protocol for this?

By the above examples, you may have noticed that I like very much when it is part of a combination with textured fabrics. With the suit, I like most of the with a few perforations. The most details combine better with the casualness of the jacket and pants social mismatched, or even a blazer with jeans.

Brogue Casual

The natural essence of the brogue was always to be used in times more casual. After all, he came from the field.

Today this means that is quite simple to combine a shoe or a boot brogue with everything that you use on a day-to-day.

Choosing well the model, you can dress pants chinos or a dark denim. Both, with a shirt button stripped.

Another material to stop the shoe even more versatile is the suede. I already talked here on the blog about how she makes everything more stripped down. In this way, the shoe is even more close to his jeans and flannel shirt.

Where To Buy Shoes Brogue?

Let’s go! Now the time has come to present my list with a few brands and stores where you can buy a shoe brogue male.

Meermin: Best cost / benefit ratio currently for the people who would like to have a shoe that is goodyear welted.

Tricker’s: the Brand that represents the essence of a boot brogue male. A premium product for those who really want the best.

Grenson: Another british manufacturer, a little less than the Tricker’s. They are available online at several other stores. It is worth to pay attention to the promotions.

Sanders: English Brand also very good! She has the quality similar to Grenson but the styles are more conservative.

Alden: he Invented the Longwing. This american brand has great models that move between the casual and social

In Brazil

Louie: the Best cost x benefit that I know of in Brazil

Brogan: For a proposed shoe more casual. Recently, they have launched a social line

There are several other brands in Brazil but it is very difficult to judge. When I am asked, I usually reply that if the person liked it, she should buy. If it is bad, do not buy again the same brand.

I hope that this text helped you to know or to have new ideas and opinions about the shoe brogue male!