Shoes Ugly That They Are Cool, or How The Suns Track Seek to Conquer Us

Locate us in time, parade of Stella McCartney autumn/winter 2013 / 2014, and now we move on to action. Didn’t know if to laugh or cry, if you stop looking at the foot of the models and focus on designs or horrify me deeply by what they were seeing my eyes, Stella McCartney had risen to the runway a few! awful shoes! So I like to me McCartney… And so as the track soles they came up to our days.

If cut out of Balenciaga boots seemed a tad Tome nothing more to see them, Stella McCartney shoes were not less, little more and I’m hands to eyes to stop looking at such crime to good taste, but of course, then they become the Fashion weeks and what happens happens, you begin to see here and there.

Miedito gives me it becomes fashion the track soles “or tractor soles – thus I decided to baptize them I by the similarity of the soles with the wheels of the vehicle-, although stores are already low-cost advertising some of its shoes as”Track shoe”, and not, are not precisely slippers to make athletics, even though its more extended meaning is that”.