Sicily’s Sights

Sicily is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea and is a region of Italy. The island has a wonderful climate and therefore you can travel to Sicily all year round, depending on how hot you want it to be. The island also offers an incredible number of experiences, and after a trip to Sicily you will come home and feel wonderfully relaxed and richer in exciting experiences.

With Kipling Travel you can experience the Italian island, where there are both beautiful and cozy streets, delicious restaurants and a view of the beautiful sea. There are good opportunities to do exactly what you want on the island; whether it is relaxation on the beach or whether you want to eat good food and take a walk in nature.

Attractions in Sicily

Agrigento temples

Agrigento is a city located in the south of Sicily. Here you will find the Agrigento temples located in a valley. These are a sight to behold if you are visiting Sicily. The temples are ancient Greek relics and one of the great things about it is that the temples are very well maintained.

In the temple valley you will find several ancient monuments. One of them is called the Concordia Temple and was built around 430 BC. Another very well-kept temple is the Temple of Zeus, which is much larger than the Concordia Temple, and in fact it is believed that the temple was larger than St. Peter’s Church in Rome.

Scala dei Turchi

Scala dei Turchi is another attraction in Sicily which is very close to the Agrigento temples. In fact, it is a beach, but it is not like other beaches. It is a huge and chalk-white cliff. The cliff is very special curved, and is located by the rest of the lovely sandy beach.

You can easily move up the cliff and you can choose to sunbathe here or experience the lovely water. If you still take a trip to the Agrigento temples, you should stop by the Scala dei Turchi and see the beautiful cliff. Then a wonderful day can end in relaxed and beautiful surroundings.

Piazza Armerina

Piazza Armerina is a city in Sicily but can still be considered a sight, as it i.a. offers many ancient monuments and beautiful sights. Until 1862, the city was called Piazza, and the city is located 721 meters above sea level.

However, there is one very special thing that attracts the most people to the city – namely Villa Romana del Casale. Villa Romana del Casale is an ancient Roman villa from the 4th century. The villa itself has one of the most beautiful and largest collections of Roman mosaics in the entire world. The mosaics themselves illustrate many different things, and you can see something different everywhere in the large building.

Mount Etna

The volcano Etna is one of the largest volcanoes in the world and is also very active. The volcano is found on the east coast of Sicily. You can easily see Etna far away, but in fact you can also get very close to it. Etna was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2013 and the volcano is 3,323 meters high.

In the area around Etna, a national park has now been created. Here you can see nature which is very special. It offers both lush citrus and olive trees but also birch forests further up the volcano. In addition, you can go on trips where you can get further up the volcano and even get up to the main crater at 3,200 meters altitude.


Another temple worth visiting is Segesta. This temple is not as large as the Temple of Zeus and the Temple of Concordia in Agrigento but is incredibly well maintained and intact. The temple is located approx. 72 km from the capital Palermo, and here are not nearly as many tourists as one would experience in Agrigento.

The temple is like the others approx. from 430 BC and has some very beautiful Doric columns. Furthermore, it has a fascinating location by a mountain and from here you can also look out over the town of Castellammare del Golfo. Moreover, there is a long history behind the temple, which has been part of many power struggles in the past.

Sicily's Sights