Some Shoes (Or Rather Its Clones) Return to The Shops for Christmas

Because that return home for Christmas is not just of nougat, the firms have seen fit to low-cost put back to sale some clones of past collections of firms like Alexander Wang and Miu Miu. Festive 100% perfect shoes to welcome Papa Noel.

Do you remember the autumn/winter 2011? Stores llenaren’s replica of Miu Miu glitter booties and in the street style of these parades were official shoes. Now that fever passed, but it seems that that kind of shoes continues to have success in the holiday season. At Asos we find this clone for 78,17 euros.

And what of shoes Alexander Wang Pom-Pom autumn-winter 2011, another iconic model that we also have at our disposal two years later in a more modest version, both in price and used Teddy. They are sold at Topshop in two colors, black and nude and it costs 76 euro.