Stella McCartney Lug Platforms Jump Street, Are Too Ugly to Be Trend?

They are ugly, but ugly, ugly, ugly, and are still cool. The Stella McCartney Lug platforms provoke me a feeling of such intense discomfort, that horrified me as soon as I love the courage to Stella by jump into the pool in their collection autumn/winter 2013 / 2014. Are these mastodĂłnticas platforms the new hit as far as footwear is concerned? The street style already starts to become echo, I only mention.

Months ago I started to see that social networks were paying to the track shoes, ugly shoes that are cool, or that feeling conveyed me photographers Instagram as Yvan Rodic accounts during the past fashion weeks. And we all know that after the maelstrom of trends of the fashion weeks becomes the irruption of these blogs and viral trends, the copy of the original by the low-cost chains and… and finally that’s what you horrorizaste once finished in your wardrobe. Or not.

My question now is, are they too ugly to become trend Lug of Stella McCartney platforms?