Summer Girl Shoes: Flip Flops, Ballerinas, Mary Janes And More

Shoes for beautiful girls

If the fall winter is associated with the school and school shoes with little grace, spring, with holidays and ceremonies, he takes us through the world of joy. So, moms and dads, this station should go leaving aside the sad colors and start filling the children ‘s wardrobe with all shades of the rainbow. Of course, without extra expense or unnecessary extravagance. It’s just a matter of going to see what you need and thereby make the best possible price.

Today I bring shoes of all kinds and for all occasion for princesses of the house. With these types of footwear, you can go see what suits you best taking into account the activity and the needs of the family Come with me I will show it with pictures!

Flipflops for girls

For the beach, to the pool, to be nice and cool, not to slip and have fingers are necessary to air a comfortable flip flops for summer days. I bring you these are Havaianas and are inspired by the character Mimi Disney. It has the advantage of its originality, color and the back strap that gives maximum comfort. As a shoe brand, it sold at a higher than normal (18 euros) price.

Menorcan sandals for girls

The albarcas of Menorca are associated in Europe aristocratic vacation. They are great for the beach, but can not be wet as if they were a pair of sandals. Bring a note of undisputed elegance. The sandals or clogs have to be made ​​in real leather and rubber soles should be. The manufacturing of shoes more traditional models of small, add an ankle strap, like a sandal.

This prevents the foot from slipping.

Colorful children’s sandals

While albarcas go beautifully for evening walks with a short dress or shorts, you can also choose sandals if you want a more styling arranged. These shoes are divinely even with clothing or ceremony. The image is of the Italian house Pèpè Children Shoes with shoes for boys and girls dream. The photo model is spring – summer season 2013, but this firm, like many other children ‘s shoes, make it timeless designs that serve for one year and another.

They are not cheap, so it is a good idea to go to the outlets that usually offer this type of product.

Ballerinas or flat shoes

If your child has not yet turned six years you should not wear flat shoes or ballerinas . This type of shoes can slip your foot and not be comfortable enough. Now, if the small is already crecedita or a girl of around fifteen, is the most elegant shoes you can choose from . In addition, there are firms that make exclusive dancers according to your needs for more than good price. They are suitable as shoe winter or summer and also go with almost all outfits.

Do not use them, either, if the girl has to take long walks. In this case it is better an albarcas or a classic sports.

Sports for girls

Because, if the family is vacationing tourist visiting special places or small has some extra sporting activity, you will need a sport. At this time it is better than you decide on a model of fabric that can be tied to the ankle or leave the air like an Oxford shoe. The legendary Converse makes sports for girls with the most fashionable colors and with the confidence of a century – old house.

Merceditas or Mary Jane

The Mary Jane are considered the most classic children ‘s shoe wardrobe. Use them on special occasions and always looking skin models that allow perspiration. They come in all colors and all possible combinations. Its use is reserved dresses and / or skirts. They do not go well with jeans or sportswear. Remember it’s a shoe party or ceremony.


And if there is one day more special is the First Communion. For the event white or beige, depending on the color of the dress is imposed. You can choose some dancers or a manoletinas, as long as the appearance is impeccable. Simple models can be recycled without complicated ornaments it happened that day as a simple dress shoe. Even if you do not really like white, you can dye it a different color.

Water or rain boots for girls

And we end with fun wellies for rainy days out. The photo design takes some handles for better colocárselas. They are of the 2013 season, but such models are so timeless that you can keep for a sister or lower premium. They do not go out of style.

Have you already chosen shoes you need your princess for spring summer?