Surgery of The Horror: Shorten The Toes to Wear High Heels

Surgery to improve the foot problems is not something new, what is also quite worrying, is the tendency to undergo surgery only to get impossible heel-wearing almost every day.

A few months ago the New York Times warned us about the surgery Cinderella, that is to strengthen the foot eliminating bunions and moving inward toe bone, and is now the Daily Mail which reports that increasingly are more women who are operated on the feet for aesthetic reasons, being the practice of shortening of the fingers one of the most common.

Reduce two sizes is one of the reasons, as well as the power entering the most painful designs shoes without problems. The message seems clear: “I want to wear heels anyway, at any price” and that there is even the possibility of injecting botox fingers in the sole of the foot which act as buffer pads and avoid excessive suffering.

Dr. Ali Sadrieh, Podiatrist surgeon in Beverly Hills, and talks about the first patient who requested surgery to shine the shoes of your dreams:

On the surface, it seemed shallow. But I came to see that these shoes she needs to project confidence, which are part of its outer skin. That is the real world

Seriously? Because if that is the real world makes you want to get off, especially after seeing some pictures of the before, during and after the intervention, and bearing in mind that it is not risk-free, what’s more, several orthopedic surgeons in the United Kingdom say that it is a process very invasive, it can be concluded in chronic pain and prevent the normal movement of the joints.

We are talking about cutting, sawing and screwing bones only to be able to get a pair of shoes!

Surgeons seem to me should be the first to protect our health and refuse to perform this type of practice (as I’m sure they already do many of them), but do not remove nor liability who request them.

I also love to wear heels from time to time, but not beyond that you will not be able to endure sore feet. At the end, and after I used to walk, run, jump, dance and endure the weight of my body every day, I’m not going to sacrifice them just for show off shoes.

And you what do you think?