The Look Right: Vest Prince of Wales, and Boots

Mount a good look not only join pieces that seem beautiful, the balance of colours, prints and fabrics, in addition to the trim suitable for your body, are some of the issues that influence in the final result. The look of the time we have a good example of this balance with parts flashy mixed the other more discreet, neutral colors in shades of clear, and up to a standard more classic to temper the youthful visual without breaking the intention of being relaxed.

The Look Right Vest Prince of Wales, and Boots

Why does it work?

The vest in tones similar to those of the shirt would disappear in the look, but the standard Prince of Wales has secured its presence and an extra dose of style. The colors in the tie break the seriousness of brown and draw attention to the face, something always desired. The jeans without too many details serves to not let the look polluted, as in the feet, the choice of the boot was more accurate, but it would be a little charged if the parts were not with such harmony, folded on the bar is to ensure that the footwear is highlighted and it worked very well in this case.

Try this…

Swap the jeans for a pair of pants in twill graphite, in case you want to look a little more seriously, the tailoring of the same color must also work satisfactorily.

It would not be the same thing if…

The boot was replaced by a shoe, much less by a tennis. The shirt could be more clear, or even white (it is always the first option), but the effect so this option at the top of the combo was so good that I don’t think that it would improve.

In short:

  • A good look depends not only on the beauty of the parts involved, but also of the relationship between them;
  • Mix clothes discrete with other more flashy serves to balance the mix;
  • Patterns like the Prince of Wales may value simple parts;
  • Many colors serious, use a tie with vibrant shades;
  • Nothing beats a pair of boots amazing;
  • Twill and tailoring in dark tones serve to leave the look more classudo;