The Platforms Now Also Conquers The Espadrilles, Traditional Footwear Becomes Modern

Do not remove the espadrilles toes when it starts the warmth is a habit that we have been doing every several years, the espadrille fashion has become a tsunami-like all the youth and people with style. The creation of espadrilles is something very Spanish, all the signatures of world importance moved its footwear with jute to the peninsula, here there is tradition and good work. Like everything else, plays Reinventing the classic espadrilles that we have been seeing for years, for this reason arises the love at first sight between the platform and the espadrille.

I guess many know the Italian firm Manebi, a firm dedicated exclusively to the creation and distribution of espadrilles all over the world. A business that allowed a whole season to design since in winter is not sold much footwear of this type, this is why they have decided to create a espadrille with two jute soles, creating a kind of platform of Esparto grass,the bloggers are already committed to this type of high espadrilles. Have not created you only this, we can find of this type already in stores “the cost” as Zara that also has innovated in the topic espadrilles using fabrics such as lace or Swiss dot with applique.

Have been several firms that have opted for the platform sole, not only of espadrilles. The success encountered by firms such as Superga or Converse with its legendary models but with double sole has created many brands continue betting on the platform to modernize its most characteristic models, we can now easily find Sandals from summer platform. It is an easy and comfortable way to offer to the public a shoe that provides you a few centimetres more and that is also comfortable.

All indications are that the espadrilles become a hit this summer again, the shops are at the top of various models of espadrilles. Now we can go perfectly with one of these new Sandals leather or lace, before we almost always used them to walk in hours of leisure on the beach or anywhere on vacation. Platform espadrille is already a reality that will have to try and see if it has impact on the general public, a very interesting novelty, which from my point of view comes to stay.