Ventspils, Latvia

In the 13th century, the Teutonic Knights founded the port city of Ventspils on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Already in the Middle Ages, he began to play a prominent role in trade between the countries of the region, and was admitted to the Hanseatic League. Indeed, the location of Ventspils is very convenient: 200 km from Riga, at the mouth of the Venta River. For about ten years, the city authorities have been investing money received for the transit of petroleum products into the development of the resort industry. So, despite the not very affectionate – a real Baltic! – climate, over the past few years the city has gained popularity as a resort. Thanks to the competent distribution of cash flows, Ventspils has now become one of the most dynamically developing cities in Latvia, which, of course, adds to its attractiveness in the eyes of tourists.


According to Clothesbliss, the city beach is well equipped, there are not only sunbeds and umbrellas, but also a full variety of opportunities to do water sports. In addition, he was the first of the Latvian beaches to receive a blue flag – confirmation of compliance with all international requirements for ecology, safety and beach infrastructure.

Ventspils Hotels

There are a few hotels and pensions available in the city. They can not be called chic in the full sense of the word, but all offer accommodation in cozy rooms that are not devoid of elegance. Sometimes boarding houses are located in houses of completely unexpected architecture, for example, in old wooden houses built in the first half of the last century. This adds to their charm and attractiveness in the eyes of tourists, especially since the service in all boarding houses is at a high level, which, in fact, is typical for the Baltic countries.

Cuisine and restaurants

City cafes and restaurants offer an extensive menu that includes both European cuisine and Latvian national dishes (very tasty, and sometimes from unexpected combinations of products), and exotic cuisine. The interiors of catering establishments are decorated very interestingly, thoughtfully to the smallest detail. Any restaurant is ready to offer the opportunity to spend a romantic evening, a meeting of friends, a family dinner. Professional service, impeccable serving will turn any of these events into a pleasant, memorable event.

Entertainment and attractions of Ventspils

Of the sights of the city, perhaps the most interesting is the castle of the Livonian Order, which has been standing on the banks of the Venta River for 800 years. The castle has been extremely well preserved, so visiting it will be of interest to everyone who is interested in medieval castle architecture. The layout of the old city itself is also interesting: its semantic center is the Market Square, and the preserved or recreated houses perfectly convey the feeling of a good, prosperous life for wealthy citizens. The neo-Byzantine architectural style is represented in the city – the Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas, and the Lutheran Church of St. Nicholas is made in the style of late classicism. In Ventspils, they do not bashfully hide the modern industrial landscape behind a fence, but make it an integral part of the urban architectural environment, emphasizing its style with modern sculpture.

In the water area of ​​the port, you can take a walk on a small nimble boat “Duke Jacob”.

If you look at the city from a bird’s eye view, it becomes quite obvious that a significant part of its territory is occupied by forests, parks, squares and reservoirs. Thanks to this, the city is not only washed by the waves of the Baltic Sea, but also bathed in crystal clear air. The parks in the city are not simple, each of them has its own peculiarity, its own face. For example, in Primorsky Park you can visit the open-air ethnographic museum, which contains interesting exhibits: old fishing schooners and tackle, a windmill and much more. You can get around the exhibits along the narrow-gauge railway laid here on a real Cuckoo train of the 1916 model. This attraction is attractive not only for children: the happy faces of adults looking out of the windows of the cars indicate that they also like this mini-journey.

Ventspils for children

The children’s town is famous not only for its attractions, but also for the fact that each attraction is addressed to a certain age category. Rope attractions, which are becoming increasingly popular in Europe, are here for five-year-olds, ten-year-olds, and fifteen-year-olds. Moreover, each group of attractions is associated with some famous city in the world, and you can find these cities on a huge globe at the entrance to the park.

From May to September (that is, during the tourist season), the open-air water park Ventspils (Mednu 19) operates in the city. Its two pools with heated (23 degrees) water are surrounded by a variety of slides and attractions that are so attractive for both adults and kids.

Ventspils, Latvia