Visa to Saint Lucia

The Caribbean island state of Saint Lucia makes it easy for desired tourists to access their exotic lands: Russian citizens, if the stay on the island is no more than 6 weeks, do not need a visa. If you plan to cover Saint Lucian reality in full, you must apply for a visa in advance at the British Embassy or consulates (the colonial past obliges). There are no requirements for a “reserve” of the validity of a passport – it must be valid only for the duration of the trip. When departing, an airport tax is charged, but often it is already included in the cost of air tickets. According to petwithsupplies, Castries is one of the largest cities in Saint Lucia.

Documents for a visa to Saint Lucia

Required documents for obtaining a visa:

  1. international passport

Valid at the time of entry into the country.

  1. Flight booking

Return flights or tickets to a third country.

  1. Financial guarantees

Confirmation of the availability of sufficient funds for the entire period of stay in Saint Lucia (cash, traveler’s checks, bank cards).

If necessary, the period of stay can be extended by contacting the main Immigration Office in Castries.

When departing from the country, an airport tax of 40 XCD is charged (it is often already included in the ticket price).

Travel insurance for the entire duration of the trip is not mandatory, but a necessary minimum that every traveler should take care of before starting a vacation.

Entertainment and attractions in St. Lucia

Off the coast of the island, pink coral reefs protrude from the water – a great place for diving. Also, thanks to the even, constantly blowing winds, yachting and windsurfing are very popular on the coast.

Ense Chastanier Marine Park (north of Soufriere) is a beautiful coastal reef with a variety of corals, sponges and fish, a very popular place for diving and snorkeling. A good dive site in the south is Key Hole Pinnacles, where the coral-covered underwater base of the island rises almost to the surface. Other points of interest are the artificial reef formed around the 50m Leslin, deliberately sunk at a depth of 20m in the Ense Cochon area, and the area below Petit Piton and Gros Piton, north of Castries.

The areas of Vie Fort and Cas-en-Bas on the northeast coast are great places for experienced windsurfers.


Import and export of national and foreign currencies is not limited. The import of weapons and drugs is prohibited. It is forbidden to export without special permission objects and things of historical and artistic value, as well as archaeological finds made at the bottom of the sea.

Useful phone numbers

The nearest Russian embassy is in Jamaica. Local emergency number: 999.

Rent a Car

You can rent a car at the airport or hotel. To rent, you need an international driver’s license, as well as a local license, which can be obtained upon arrival at the airport or at the rental office for 50 XCD. Movement in the country is left-handed.

Tourist safety

In all hotels, tap water is drinkable, but it’s still not worth the risk: it’s better to use only bottled water.

Visa to Saint Lucia