We Give You a Reason to Break Your Piggy Bank: by H & M Knee Boots

H & M It doesn’t have to be expensive, and certainly doesn’t give us cause to break the piggy bank, but this time, Yes. Is that your special collection that paraded in the week of the fashion of Parcis rises a little prices (and quality), and these over the knee boots We go out for 149 euros. But seeing the style with which the big bloggers combine them, it seems to me that it won’t be hard to get them out.

To wear them you must be a model, long, thin legs, because as best they are is cortisimas miniskirts or shorts also minimum.

Which it is clear that in winter we will serve to cover us and protect us from bad weather, the cold and rain.

Until you are racing to break the piggy bank, you will warn: the boots are not available in stores, only in the most central cities. Lucky which are made with nails, although one was so keen to release them that didn’t them do it in the month of August.