Welt-Sewn Shoes – The Kings Of Men’s Shoes

Goodyear welted? Is this about a particular car tires? Not at all, and any shoe lover – and the one who like to would – be’s should be suspicious at this name, it stands for the highest quality in the segment of men’s shoes. It is while strictly speaking invented by Andreas Eppler and patented in 1872 by Charles Goodyear junior mechanical method of manufacturing of men’s shoes, at which the two bottom seams of the shoes are made by means of the Goodyear piercing machine and the Goodyear on double machine. Goodyear welted for Welt-sewn shoes is simply because almost all men’s shoes of this style in this way are factory made.

Welt-sewn shoes occupy a special position for himself. Their wearing comfort, longevity and the special experience of repair lift on the throne in prestige and favor of its enthusiastic owner. However, it is amazing that Welt-sewn shoes make up only 1.5 to 3 percent in the proportion of all of Mr shoe according to estimates. The allegedly high cost of welted shoes seems to scare off many buyers. Wrongly, by the way.

Welted construction for elegant men’s shoes

First of all we take care of the disambiguation. The Classic men’s shoe models are so different, even their constructions are so different. Different production methods are applied according to the set demands on the shoe (sturdy hiking boots, elegant business shoes, dance shoes, etc.). Elegant men’s shoes, which should become man in the Office and on special occasions (Oxford, Derby, Blucher), uses the welted construction. An invisible seam of the plunge the stock this connects the insole (the inner sole of the foot is). The surrounding the shoe type frame (approx. 3 mm wide strip of leather) with sewn in. The sole is sewn to him then outside with a second seam (stitching).

Welt-sewn shoes are worthwhile in the long run

Since this is, as already mentioned very expensive, only the best materials for the welted shoe by trained professionals are processed. This would of course increase the price, but are also much more durable, easier to repair Welt-sewn shoes through this increase in quality, look very elegant and have a high loyalty of the fit (he will feel never “traipsing”).
And a shoe is so expensive, if he keeps it years and the carrier can save yourself so more spending for a new pair? Seen in the Holidaysort, the welted shoe is a good investment.

First Welt-sewn shoes already in the 16th century

Fact, today, Welt-sewn shoes can look back on a long history. Archaeological finds prove that the cow mouth shoe, who gradually replaced in the 16th century, the widespread until then in Europe beak boot was already welted. Over the centuries, some modifications of this frame sewing mode were made. They made up in the second half of the 19th century only in manual work, Charles Goodyear junior revolutionized in 1872 his first Goodyear machines in England the welted construction. The factory production made production figures significantly rise and fall in the price.