Werther See, Austria

Wörther See is the largest lake in Carinthia and one of the main tourist attractions in Austria in summer. There are many beaches surrounding 20 sq. km of crystal clear water, which warms up to +27 ° C, so it is quite possible to go here to relax with children. Hotels – from a first-class hotel to a quiet private guesthouse. Activities range from beach volleyball, bananas, roller skating and skateboarding to golf and tennis. See citypopulationreview for weather information.

There are no beaches on the lake in the usual sense. Most landscaped areas are wooden walkways with sunbeds and umbrellas or soft grassy lawns with wooden piers to enter the water.


Bicycle paths cover a large part of the coast: walking on this type of transport is considered the best way to explore these places. Accordingly, renting a bike here is not difficult.

The main resorts of Werther See


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Located 60 km from Klagenfurt Airport in the western bay of the lake, among the forested spurs of the Alps. Perhaps this is the most sophisticated lake resort with its aristocratic status and manners. Not exactly “for snobs”, but you will have to show up in a suit at dinner or in a casino a couple of times. The reward for this is the opportunity to enjoy the scenery, romantic evening walks along the luxurious embankments, and a brilliantly organized service.

Velden is the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts, be it golf, tennis, water sports, football or volleyball, walking or cycling. Not bad here for families with children: they are waiting for walks on the lake on electric boats, special children’s programs, children’s olympiads, pottery lessons, puppet theater. Excursion and walking routes to the numerous cultural monuments of Carinthia begin in Velden. Fireworks, water skiing shows, and summer festivals are often held here.


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Pertchakh stands on a small peninsula with three cozy bays, in the very center of the natural park. It is a transport-free zone with the famous flower promenade. There is an excellent water entertainment center right on the lake. The city is famous for its 14th century Leonstein castle, which now houses an inn where Brahms once stayed. It is here that the only “five-star” hotel on the lakes of Carinthia – Schloss Seefels – is located. It is located in an old castle on the lake in a secluded picturesque place two kilometers from Pertchach and offers luxury service. Schloss Seefels has one of the best spa complexes in Carinthia.

The resort has developed water sports: rowing, surfing, parasailing, diving, you can also play golf and tennis. Here, right on the lake, there is a great water slide. Moreover, for 50 years Pertchakh has been a kind of “tennis Mecca” – in every hotel one or two tennis courts are sure to be found.

Maria Woerth

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The village of Maria Werth is located on a rocky peninsula jutting out into the lake. It is ideal for a relaxing holiday alone with nature. Here you can admire two very beautiful churches: the Baroque parish church with Romanesque elements and the Rosenkranzkirche, built in the 12th century.


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The modest and democratic Krumpendorf nestled between Klagenfurt and Pertchach. This is a small, leisurely and very green resort on the northern shore of the Werther See with its restaurants, cozy cafes, small holidays and boat trips on the lake.

Pertschach is known for its 14th-century castle, Leonstein, which now houses an inn where Brahms once stayed.


Klagenfurt is the ancient capital of Carinthia and its cultural center. People come here not only to relax on the lake, but on excursions, to admire the city.


Navigation on the lake begins in May and continues until October, the “high season” is July and August. During this period, pleasure boats run every hour from early morning until late evening. The ships have two decks – open and closed, as well as a small bar where you can buy soft drinks, tea, coffee and light snacks. The longest journey – from Velden to Klagenfurt – takes about two hours with all stops.

In addition to standard trips, shipping companies also offer themed entertainment cruises. On such a cruise, the ship usually leaves in the evening. Music plays on board, guests dance, they are entertained by invited artists. Then – dinner on board with dishes of Austrian or some other national cuisine. All pleasure – 40-50 EUR per person.

Children under 6 years old travel free of charge, from 6 to 15 years old – with a 50% discount. Adults wishing to save approximately 5% of the ticket price book tickets in advance.

Werther See best-inclusive card

Approximately 150 recreational facilities on the Wörther See lake are included in the Wörther See Best Inclusive Card program. Immediately upon arrival at a hotel participating in this program, guests receive a so-called “Personal Spirit Checkbook”. With its help, you can get free or at a significant discount access to public beaches, buses and ships on the lake, excursions, use of various facilities for practicing water sports, tennis, etc., attend special sports, entertainment and music programs, classes with children in kids clubs.

Attractions and attractions in Werther See

In Klagenfurt, you should definitely look at the New Square with its symbol of the city – a fountain decorated with the Lindwurm dragon and the building of a modern town hall. There is also the Old Square in the city, to which numerous streets and alleys, built up with old mansions, as well as several castles flock. But the main glory of the city was brought by the Minimundus park – a kind of museum of masterpieces of world architecture reduced by 25 times, with a miniature, but fully functioning railway and a small port with models of ships.

Activities range from beach volleyball, bananas, roller skating and skateboarding to golf and tennis. The local resort of Velden has an abundance of discos and bars. There are 20 species of fish in the Werther See, including pike, eel, carp, bream, and trout.

Werther See, Austria