Why Should You Use Leather Shoes

If you know Spiffy icon Pack already know that all our production is of leather shoes and therefore will know to assess the quality of our shoes to shoes with synthetic materials. But we often are led by fashion and beautiful designs at low prices and we fall into the trap of buying a synthetic shoe that can cause us damage to the feet.

Why Should You Use Leather Shoes 1

When you buy footwear, we must go with caution to avoid falling into temptation and try to make a good purchase. With this we mean to buy a leather shoe, you’re better not only for the product but also for our feet.

Benefits of leather shoes

Though it is known that the shoes are better than synthetics, but do you really know the benefits of using leather shoes? Below, are some factors that we must take into account when buying shoes:

Why Should You Use Leather Shoes 2

  • Skin shoe allows perspiration, and easily absorbs perspiration, against synthetic accumulating sweat since plastic not sweat and causes bacteria, as well as some deformations of the feet such as bunions, hammer toe, etc.
  • Synthetic fur shoe cause odor, due to the accumulation of bacteria.
  • Skin shoe does not cause chafing on the feet, front of the synthetic fabric often carry internal seams that end up hurting our feet.
  • Leather shoe is flexible and soft, thus allowing to adapt easily until the foot is comfortable against the rigidity of the synthetic.

Why Should You Use Leather Shoes 3

You’ve convinced? It should take into account that it is preferable to opt for the health of our feet facing the economy. For this reason, we should bet on durable and comfortable, quality footwear and invest in fewer pairs of shoes, but with higher quality, which have 100 pairs of synthetic shoes in the closet and not to use them for damage that we cause.

We hope that these tips you have been useful and that the next time you choose leather shoes to dress up your feet.