Winter vacation in Asia

Where are you going to travel on your next winter vacation? As a continent consisting of 48 countries according to Countryaah, Asia offers many great destinations for a winter trip, whether you are looking for sun and warmth, culture and history or something completely different.

We put together Asian travel destinations that are perfect for a winter vacation in January or February.

Cambodia in January and February

Cambodia in January and February

During a winter trip in Cambodia, the sun shines from a cloudless sky and the temperatures are pleasant. In January and February, the country has a dry season.

Cambodia, like its neighbors, is quite compact in size. However, the country holds larger experiences.

The most famous attraction in Cambodia is the Angkor Wat Temple, located in Angkor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Angkor is a ruined city spread over an area of ​​400 km2 and one of the most important archaeological sites in Southeast Asia. While exploring the fascinating ruins, you get to dive deep into Cambodia’s interesting history.

Cambodia is also known for the magnificent Mekong River, the seventh longest river in Asia. The Mekong flows through six different countries and brings livelihood to a vast area. The Mekong region is naturally one of the most diverse places in the world. Here, for example, you can see rare Iravadin dolphins that are easily identified by their dark blue-gray color, round head, and short beak.

An interesting Cambodia Tour is a nice end to a relaxing beach holiday. Kep, on the coast, for example, is a well-known holiday town with lots to see and do. Kep is a great place to forget about everyday life and fully enjoy the wonderful sandy beaches, historical sights and delicious food. The attractions of tropical Koh Rong Island, on the other hand, are white postcard beaches and crystal clear waters. Koh Rong is a great choice if you want to spend a few more relaxing beach holidays after your tour.

Vietnam in January and February

Vietnam in January and February

January to February is the dry season in Vietnam, making the country an excellent winter holiday destination.

Vietnam is a long country that extends into two climatic zones. The weather differences between the north and the south are therefore moderately large. The early winter in North Vietnam can even be cool, while temperatures in South Vietnam remain pleasantly high during this time.

In addition to beautiful weather, South Vietnam offers diverse cultural experiences.

For example, dive into the heartbeat of Ho Chi Minh City, embark on an exploration of the lively streets and alleys and enjoy the culture with all your senses. One of Vietnam’s biggest attractions is definitely Vietnamese cuisine.

The country also offers unforgettable nature experiences, the most impressive of which is the lush Mekong estuary. The landscapes of the estuary are incredibly diverse: here you can see coconut groves as well as rice fields, sandy beaches and national parks. The importance of the Mekong Estuary to Vietnamese is immeasurable. The river provides a livelihood for both animals and many farmers and also serves as a center for everyday life. Namely, floating houses and markets have been built on the water, between which countless river boats sway.

The fascinating tour culminates perfectly in a sunny beach holiday in Phú Quốc, for example, the largest island in Vietnam and a uniquely exotic holiday destination. Here you can relax on the golden sandy beaches by the crystal clear water until it is time to return home and everyday hard work.

Thailand in January and February

Thailand in January and February

Winter is a great time to travel to Thailand if you dream of dry and sunny weather. In January and February, most of the country has quite comfortable temperatures.

Thailand is a big country, which makes it offer a wide range of experiences both in cultural destinations and on a relaxed beach holiday.

Dive into the bustling city life of Bangkok and Chiang Mai, for example, and fall in love with countless palaces and sacred temples. In these cities, you get close to Thai culture and enjoy the delicious delicacies of Thai cuisine.

In Thailand, the New Year is celebrated three times – twice at the very end / beginning of the year. The first celebration will be celebrated on December 31st. On the last day of the calendar year, it is customary to release lanterns that illuminate the dark starry sky incredibly beautifully. The Chinese New Year is celebrated in January or February especially by Thais with Chinese ancestry. As a sign of Chinese New Year, the cities are dressed in red and the residents gather for parades, fireworks and all kinds of hilarious celebrations. The last – but by no means the least – is the Thai New Year, the Songkran Water Festival, which you can experience in April.

If you are looking for a more peaceful holiday, the beautiful islands of southern Thailand are legendary winter resorts. On the islands you can spend your holiday in peace and enjoy the warmth and swimming in complete peace.

Sri Lanka in January and February

Sri Lanka in January and February

If you want to enjoy the sun and countless fascinating experiences, head for a winter holiday in Sri Lanka.

The weather in Sri Lanka varies quite a bit depending on where you are going to the island.

On a tour, you will get to know the history of Sri Lanka in depth and visit many temples and interesting cities. The island is also home to many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as Sigiriya’s Lion’s Rock, Dambulla Cave Temples, the old capital of Kandy, the Sri Lankan Highlands and the Gallen Fortress.

And if you just want to take it easy, Sri Lanka’s beautiful golden sandy beaches create the perfect setting for a laid-back beach holiday. During the winter months, a tour is a great option, combined with a beach holiday in Mirissa or Hikkaduwa (southwest and west of Sri Lanka), as these areas are in the dry season at this time.

Sri Lanka is also an excellent travel destination for animal lovers. During the dry season, many sources of drinking water dry out, allowing animals to gather around the few remaining drinking places. In the dry season, therefore, the animals are particularly easy to see. The various national parks in Sri Lanka in particular offer memorable nature and animal experiences. In the parks you can see e.g. elephants, crocodiles, deer and giant squirrels. With good luck, you can even see a leopard at a glance.

Sri Lanka can also be perfectly combined with a beach holiday in the Maldives, which has a dry season in winter. Here, all you have to do is enjoy the warmth, clear waters and luxurious amenities.

Winter vacation in Asia